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Täyteläinen ja pehmeä suodatinkahvi. Sopii hyvin myös vaaleaksi espressoksi.
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Reilun kaupan serfitioitu (FTO FairTrade Organic)


Farm: Peru Yakumama Gallito de las Rocas
Alue: Cajamarca, San Inacio
Lajikkeet: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor
Kasvukorkeus: 1,750 – 1,950 m

Yakumama´s mission is to promote organic culture and agriculture in our
associates by constant technical training and execution of projects that propel a
sustainable development of their families and communities and their vision is to
consolidate as a warranty staple, assuring the supply of 100% organic products
through Fair Trade that benefits all associated cooperatives.
One of the five cooperatives belonging to Yakumama is Gallito de las Rocas.
Founded on the 4th December of 2012 by 260 coffee producers in the district
of Namballe, province of San Ignacio, department of Cajamarca. A total of 550
hectares are dedicated to the growth of organic coffee. This coffee has been
cultivated by our ancestors for more than 100 years having inherited their
traditions and knowledge. Now it has become our main economic income
and means of support for our families. It is also a sustainable development
alternative that permits us social inclusion in harmony with our environment.
Producers in Gallito de las Rocas work together as a family. It is through this
cooperation that we have reached a stable income for our community which is
constantly growing. It has been six years since we united producers and started
the transition towards the production of certified coffee. It is during these years
that our community has grown, having executed two social projects having a
positive impact on our producers.

Organic certified, FairTrade certified.





Aeropress, Espressojauhatus, Pannu, Papu, Presso, Selvitetty viestikentässä, Suodatinjauhatus, Turkkilainen


1kg, 250g, 500g


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