Indonesian FTO – Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1

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Sumatran saarelta tuleva upea kahvi!
Uniikin makunsa vuoksi yksi meidän parhaimpia espressoja. Täyteläinen, hieman hedelmäinen, maanläheinen, voimakas.
Jos lempikahvisi on Café au Lait – tämä on paras kahvi siihen!


Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1, Indonesia Takengon Highland Central Aceh.
Osuuskunta: Cooperative Buana Mandiri
Käsittely: Semi washed, wet-hulled
Lajike: Tim-tim, typica
Kasvukorkeus: 1250-1450m
100% arabica

Organic and FairTrade certified

Coffee cultivation in Indonesia holds a 300-year-old story significantly influenced by the Dutch colonization. After Indonesia became independent, the plantations were either controlled by the government or closed down.

Today Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. Approx. 92% of the coffee production is in the hands of smallholder coffee farmers producing their coffee using traditional techniques. Mandheling coffees are cultivated in the volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser, close to the port of Padang in Sumatra. The name is a reference and honor to the „Mandailing people“, an ethnic group from the region.

This coffee is produced by the Koperasi Buana Mandiri. It has about 1,500 members, mostly smallholder farming families with less than 1 ha of land. The beans have a unique dark greenish color due to the special processing, the wet-hulled method – locally known as Giling Basah.

Directly after harvesting, the farmers separate the fruit pulp from the bean with hand-operated de-pulping machines and dry the remaining parchment carefully for a couple of hours until a humidity content of 50% is reached. After this first partial drying step, the humid parchment is transported to a mill, and a further drying process of one or two days takes place. The still highly humid beans go through a hulling machine that removes the parchment. Finally, the coffee beans are dried and
prepared for export.



Aeropress, Espressojauhatus, Pannu, Papu, Presso, Suodatinjauhatus, Turkkilainen


Espresso, Parisienne


1kg, 250g, 500g


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