Honduras – Organic ASOPROSAN

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Hieman hedelmäinen ja makeahko, pähkinää & kaakaota. Pehmeähappoinen.
Sopii hyvin kaikkeen kahvinkeittoon, niin espressoksi kuin suodatinkahviksikin.


ASOPROSAN – Asociación de Productores de Café San Andrés, Lempira, Honduras

Kasvukorkeus: 1100 – 1900m
Lajikkeet: Catuai, Lempira, Icatu, Ovata, IHC 90, Parainema
Käsittely: Washed

100% arabica, organic

ASOPROSAN (Asociación de Productores de Café San Andrés) was founded by 16 shareholders, 7 women and 9 men, in 2017. Located in San Andrés in the Lempira Region, the association is currently made up of 154 small and medium producers of the ”Lencas” ethnic group. The main objective of ASOPROSAN is to generate awareness among producers and the general population about the production of coffee in harmony with the environment, improve the standard of living for the families of the south of Lempira and change the way of thinking of the use of agrochemicals.

For ASOPROSAN gender equality is a key factor to achieve the sustainability of the Association in the production of coffee. They are currently promoting the “Manos de mujer” initiative, a certified coffee project through which, it aims to promote the sale of micro-batches, produced and processed exclusively by women members of the Association. They are are also working on creating a micro-company for women, which will produce coffee-based sweets, soaps and shampoo, as well as a brand of honey from young coffee farms and association women, thus stimulating the integration of women and youth in the value chain of Coffee, Honey and other items.



Aeropress, Espressojauhatus, Pannu, Papu, Presso, Suodatinjauhatus, Turkkilainen


1kg, 250g, 500g


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